Please search the name of the person and open the profile. Then on the top right corner of the profile, you can find “Add friend”. Click on it, then your friend request will be sent.

You cannot create an account by yourself on Myvaral.com. You need to contact the administrator or the technical team to create an account for you.

Yes, MyVaral administrator would check all the posts and delete the posts that are objectionable. If you find any such posts, images, videos you may report to the administrator.

To logout from your profile, please click on settings and logout.

Yes. You can change the password by clicking on the settings. Go to general Settings and then change your password.

You can contact the administrator or technical team of MyVaral.com to  retrieve your login ID and password.

In the messages tab all the conversations between your friends and you, will be displayed. You can select the one you want to remove and click on the DELETE button.

If you receive a message you will be notified immediately in the notifications icon and icon appears red. You can click on the unread messages and then send a reply.

To contact your colleague you can click on Friends, click on friendships and then you will find  a list of your friends. Click on the name of the person you wish to contact and you may either send a public message or a private message.

No, you cannot change your username. The only option is to delete the current account and create a new one.

You will not be able to delete the profile by yourself, you need to contact the administrator to get your account deleted.

Yes, once you upload the photo in your profile it automatically shows up. If the picture is not uploaded, please contact the administrator.

Go to “Settings”, click on “General settings”, click on “Profile”, go to “Change profile photo” and now upload your photo.

No. Only Varalians can view your profile. MyVaral is strictly restricted to Varalians.

Yes, the privacy of the  Varalians is highly respected. This platform is open only for the Varalians and outsiders are not given access to MyVaral.com. Copying, saving and forwarding the pictures of the other Varalians is strictly prohibited.

You can contact the administrator to report someone.

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