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    Neelesh PB

    Pdf 2 seems good. If this UI has the background (Colour) similar to pdf six then it will be the best among the seven.

    pdf2 feedback
    1. Everything should be readable even if it is in a small font size.
    2. We can try to keep accuracy at all levels from Day 1.
    (a) Service- Services
    (b) Apply Habot 10 promo code to get an extra 10%____?on the service you pick.
    (c) Automated Personalised notification- Either all first letters should be capital or keep the only first-word letter in capital.
    (d) Our subscription Plan-Same as above (subscription)
    (e) Usage of ‘The’ in front of UAE (At some places it is written as work in UAE and at someplace it is Work in UAE).
    (f) Our subscription plan-The sequence of plans is Work in UAE, Live in the UAE, and Do business in UAE. But just below (Documents you would like to store with us) the sequence is different. Felt it would be better if both are in order.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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