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    Anushree Kushwah

    This week:
    – Worked on the HABOT launch
    – Worked on org struture with the team
    – Worked on TCing the documents for HABOT
    – Worked with team on org structure for 3 teams
    – Assisted the team with tasks
    – Worked on presentation
    – Worked on renewals – vehicle insurance
    – Followed up with Divya and Manu with different medical renewals
    – Assisted Priya and Divya with tasks
    – Follow up with Insurer for renewals
    – Worked on SCTC and DMCC-related tasks
    Next week:
    – Will work on the HABOT launch
    – Will assist the team with the tasks
    – will assist Divya and Priya with the tasks.
    – Will work on tasks and subtasks with the team to make HABOT a success.
    – Will work on vehicle insurance and on medical insurance with Divya.
    – will work on renewals
    – Will work on org structure with the team with other 2 teams

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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