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    This Week:
    1. WOrking on Naradi and CKII tranfer to RItwik
    2. FOllowing up on VPS counsultancy DWC Share transfer documents.
    3. Working on the Irrigation Quotation.
    4. Visited DMCC for submitting original documents.
    5. Visited BLS for collecting financial statment of SCTC and Varal.
    6. All regular work.
    7. WOrked on cancelling the ROma residence visa in DMCC Portal.
    8. Coordinating with Anushree for all renewals.

    Next Week:
    1. Following up on NOC of Share trasfer of CKII.
    2. Visiting the DIB Bank for enquiry.
    3. Giving salary to Raju Yadav.
    4. Visiting DMCC for Collecting AOA of SCTC.
    5. Visiting DWC for submitting the documents of share transfer of VPS consultancy.
    6. Sending for the Fianl Irrigatio Quotation to RS sir.

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