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    Finnie Samuel

    03/01/2022 – 07/01/2022 – Completed
    Fixed Techincal Issue in Google Cloud hosting for myvaral website for not loading backend.
    Fixed all pages AMP issue
    working with budget display with gowtham in myvaral
    Created landing page for google ads campaign in shopify
    Ongoing Fixed technical issue in myvaral, ucr and varaluae
    Ongoing Fixed technical website from the action plan which made for improving optin
    Ongoing Fixed console error for varaluae, sc, pdb and ucr based on WMT message

    10/01/2022 – 14/01/2022 – Next Week
    Adding new varalians details in myvaral website
    Fixing issue in G suite account of varalians
    Creating/modifying ads landing page for SHAMS Renewals and SHAMS New Company Formation in shopify
    Working to integrate data from one account to another account.
    A/B List out for ads campaign and create landing pages
    Deleting old varalians Intro in myvaral
    Adding new varalians details in myvaral(user and cv page)
    Fixing backend issue in myvaral in GC
    Working with shopify website for SHAMS
    Create a checklist for Shopify shams website
    Integrate web to lead sheet and lead sheet and send email to user and lead owner.
    Working poptin in shopify site
    Adding poptin leads in freshsales

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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