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    Mathan Rajasekar

    Last week job:
    1.Updated Board resolution for transfer of shareholder amendment.
    2.Enquired RAKICC for Harrison regarding late renewal.
    3.Enquired RAKICC for Aber Ltd to make change of Director.
    4.Updated Employment Contract and attested degree certificate provided to Neelesh.
    5.Enquired RAKICC for Aber Ltd renewal.
    6.Attended Shams Consultant Meetup
    7.Enquired Shams for Visa Cancellation Process
    8.Enquired Shams for Archerpreneur LLC Visa allocation
    9.Enquired UAQ for Jayant Apte FZE license renewal
    10.Checking with Shams for 10 years Freelance Visa
    11.Enquired Shams for Extra Shareholder cost and process
    12.Enquiry for 1yr and 3 yrs Visa services – UAQ, RAKEZ, IFZA, DMCC, DWC.
    13.Requested Shams for standard package and Social Media Package
    14.Enquired Consultancy activity from IFZA

    Next week jobs:
    1. Attend regular meetings ( internal and External )
    2. Support CSR and sales team.
    3. Update the promotional activities of the Jurisdictions.
    4. Initiate courier when needed.
    5. Arrange DSP operations when required.
    6. Use Jira effectively for status update.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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