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    This week:

    1. Gave instructions Divya the use of different Government Portal under Varal
    2. Instructed Divya for out of office work
    3. Finalization of contact / hand over sheet for Villa 17 and Varal
    4. Introduced the ZII and other platforms of Varal to Divya
    5. Process of Document naming protocol and other basic Varal protocols for Document handling with Divya.
    6. Submitted SR for RD sir DMCC Visa cancellation
    7. Assisted Divya for her PIC DMCC application
    8. Assisted Divya for Deepa Visa Renewal
    9. Drafted email for Deepa’s Entry permit requirement

    Next Week

    1. Final set up for Company Bank Tokens with Divya
    2. Draft letter for DU Telephone number redirected to Office Phone Numbers
    3. Set Date for Dr. RUS signing in DMCC with Divya
    4. Assist on making comparison sheet for individual insurances in Varal
    5. Details instruction to DHA usage.

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