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    Neelesh PB

    Activity for the week
    1. Assisted CEO in works related to project Habot launch.
    2. Provided a daily update to the CEO on the progress of work.
    3. Carried out checking for end documents for JIRA tasks marked as done
    4. Send notifications and reminders to assignees for adding end documents against the concerned task.
    5. Listing out on new epic/stories/tasks for Habot post-launch activities.
    6. Prepared summary of directions of MD given during the project Habot Launch
    7. Assisting teams for cloning repeated tasks and filtering tasks to do post-launch.
    8. Submitted points on learning from project Habot launch.
    9. Accounted all pending jira issues and issues for post launch.
    10. Routine duties

    Activity for next week
    1. Assisting CEO in work related to project Habot launch.
    2. Monitoring the progress of work in Jira.
    3. Listing out on new epic/stories/task for Habot post-launch activities.
    4.Assisting CEO and team leader to create JIRA task for the continuous progress of Habot app
    5. Monitoring the status of end document in Jira.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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