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    Neelesh PB

    Activity for the week

    1. Edited the Draft Wikipedia as per directions of CEO and submitted for approval of RS Sir.
    2. Searched for possible Wikipedia edits/corrections and done 8 edits.
    3. Complied to directions of RS Sir on published Wikipedia pages except for one point.
    4. Attended VBPW8 workshop.

    Activity for the next week

    1. Attending VAW 8 structure improvement meeting on 14.03.22
    2. Assisting CEO for documentation for SHAMS visa for Mrs Deshpande.
    3. Modification of GKS Ji Wikipedia article (adding a photo and changing template)
    4. Assisting Judith as per requirement on Wikipedia works.
    5. Prepare two comprehensive sentences about GKS ji (from wiki article) to add to the Singhania family wikipedia page.
    6. Assisting CEO and Judith in preparing an article related to setting up business in Dubai for publishing in Wikipedia.
    7. Attending Varal Annual Day celebrations.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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