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    Neelesh PB

    Activity for the week
    1. Assisted team leaders in Habot friction removal.
    2. Assisted CEO for scheduling return journey
    3. Prepared and submitted absence brief to CEO
    4. Attended HR structure workshop
    5. Submitted outline of vendor management project to CEO
    6. Attended Onsite sales conversion: Meet targets, use data meeting
    7. Routine duties

    Activity for next week

    1. Assisting CEO in work related to Bi weekly financial performance meeting
    2. Bringing forward of all continuous/pending issues
    Habot friction removal
    Earmarked epic/stories
    Outline for Vendor Management
    3. Assistance to CEO on presentation-How can we implement quality in our systems ?
    4. Routine duties

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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