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    Last week
    1. Continued the project initiatives of the On-Site Conversion project.
    – new initiatives in button placements
    – Data GA4 and Hotjar refined the filters
    – Brainstorming session to get top reasons and actions for the low sign-ups.
    2. To make PDCA cycle faster 3 subgroups were formed to make simultaneous initiatives
    3. Marketing agencies’ selection process went ahead with more contacts
    4. Share certificate matter resolved with JAFZA and BLS. Pending matters discussed with Mr.Ritwik.
    5. Google Analytics Training for 2 sales trainees.
    6. Ad Message – the redesigning process started with a meeting about what to do.

    Next Week

    1. On-site conversion project guidance –
    – Subgroups to be given momentum to run the PDCA cycle faster.
    – Implement the brainstorming sessions action plan
    2. Make progress in the selection process of Marketing agencies for getting sign-ups
    3. Get the share certificates signed, hold a meeting with Ritwik and Grace
    4. New model meeting at RS villa
    5. Interviews and selection for Marketing leader.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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