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    Last week

    1. Completed the documentation for Choon Kim Lim Limited transfer and kept it ready to be used when the final signal is given.
    2. Completed the exercise of the new product listing of ideas and then did the finalization of the 3 product groups in the group of team leaders.
    3. Completed and helped in publishing the articles on Shri Gopalkrishna Singhania, edits got done in Singhania family article.
    4. Made analysis up to level 1 for why we are behind in 1. Deconstruction 2. Building Tracks 3. Designing for UX- MTO 4. Data flow Vs. Action Flow – Distinguish
    up to level one- submitted to the MD- This was done in the team leaders group.
    5. Started with an exercise at the team member level to focus only on deficiency in Deconstruction and MTO.

    This week
    1. Continue with the exercise of the Root Cause analysis of the same – Deconstruction and MTO
    2. Start analysis for the new products in the framework provided by Mr.RS
    3. Explore possible approaches to the Varal article in the absence of citations.

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