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    Last Week
    1. Completed the process of transfer of Shares of Choon Kim Lim Limited with Mr.Ritwik Ruia
    2. Made the required changes to the plans for Onsite conversion
    3. Coordinated the activities in the PDCA cycle as dictated by the data among the team members in Technology team and Operations and Marketing
    4. Overseeing if the data required for PDCA is coming through GA4 and see that the necessary remedies are applied – GA4 vs Old Google Analytics.
    5. Contacted Marketing Agencies for 10000 sign-ups and developed the search program RFP and evaluation. Guiding the team.

    Next Week
    1. Conduct the Marketing agency search through the group. Friday is the deadline.
    2. Make sure the PDCA cycle for Onsite conversion is speeded up.
    3. Sit with Grace for the account balance to be handed over to Ritwik.
    4. Check the CKLL invoice and have it paid for the full job
    5. Start the process for change of director and Secretary for CKLL
    6. Make sure that training on Google Analytics training goes forward for Saloni and Esther.
    7. Get the focus on detailed data collection back on.

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