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    Last Week

    1. The matter of submission of data for UBO declarations for Bombay Properties Limited was dealt with.
    2. It was decided to do the required attestations for affidavit and MOU for the papers sent by Kanpur required changes made.
    3. Signature verification for Director signature for CKLL was done by visiting JAFZA
    4. Points for the presentation were covered
    5. Guiding Judith and Neelesh about the articles on Wikipedia
    6. Passport Attestation of the PP of RS and RD
    7. Company set up in SHAMS

    Next week
    1. Look for a safe opportunity to publish the article.
    2. Expedite Visa for me.
    3. Complete the artifacts shifting process Villa 1 to Villa 17
    4. Emaar Registry to be completed for CKLL – follow-up remaining documents. Visit Emaar if required
    5. Refine the presentation for VLW

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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