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    adding css code in myavaral home page active member section image for adding image radius
    Adding shape divider in the active member section in myvaral home page
    Adding ten recently active mebers in my varal home page
    Adjusting shape divider height and width in myvaral home page recently active member section

    Updated Required plugins in myvaral.com
    update required plugins in varaluae.com
    update required plugins in https://www.singhaniaclinic.com/
    update required plugins in https://www.uaecompanyregistration.com/
    update required plugins in https://www.pediatriciandubai.blog/
    Find out and make points or features in clickbank.com for habot app

    Checking for myvaral adding pagination

    checking for running number feature in myvaral home page section

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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